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To Support and Promote Independent Filmmakers


The Independent Cinema Showcase (ICS) is a screening event to support and promote independent filmmakers from all around the world who have the perseverance and courage to create, collaborate and invest in their own movie dreams. The screening features an array of short independent content including TV pilots, parodies, dark comedies, suspense thrillers, animation and more! Let's continue to gather upcoming film visionaries and enthusiasts, while enjoying many beautiful pieces of cinema.

The Independent Cinema Showcase (ICS)

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A Message from the

ICS Family Founder 

Mary Rachel Gardner is a firm believer in creating and maintaining a strong filmmaking family who genuinely support one another. Thus sparked her motivation to create a showcase event that screens and promotes talented independent filmmakers from around the world who have the perseverance and courage to create, collaborate and invest in their own dreams. Mary Rachel is as an award-winning independent filmmaker herself and knows what it is like to first start out; it can be intimidating, overwhelming and you may not know anyone or have the ample resources to truly execute your vision. Therefore, under the Kalliste Zoe Productions umbrella, she founded the Independent Cinema Showcase (ICS). 

The ICS Mission: to discover and share independent filmmakers’ visions with a supportive cinematic community. The aim is to also provide an opportunity for people to join a cinema family that connects and supports talented creators. In collaboration with many filmmakers and production companies, Mary Rachel continues to focus on creating a strong cinema family.

The ICS family honors and highlights professional artists and entrepreneurs who truly appreciate Cinematic Art. Please join Mary Rachel on her dedicated journey to discover and showcase beautiful stories from all around the world on the big screen. She is eager and ready to contribute her talents and collaborate professionally with others in the entertainment industry. The showcase event features an array of short independent content 3 times a year including trailers, TV pilots, documentaries, animation and more. Let's continue to gather visionaries and enthusiasts, and enjoy many beautiful pieces of cinema!

Main ICS Sponsors

Kalliste Zoe Productions
Simple DCP
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